Dong Zhong Shu 董仲舒

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  • Dong Zhong Shu, A Han Dynasty Chinese scholar, is traditionally regarded as the high official that advised Emperor Wu to adopt Confucianism as the official ideology of the Chinese imperial state. As a result, during the reign of the emperor Wu of Han, Confucianism was venerated, and all other philosophical schools were rejected.” (du zun ru shu, ba chu bai jia 獨尊儒術,罷黜百家).
  • He is also considered the originator of the famous doctrine of Integration Between Heaven and Mankind(天人合一), which lays down rules for deciding the legitimacy of a monarch as well as providing a set of checks and balances for a reigning monarch.
  • Dong Zhongshu unifies the Confucian view of society and the structure of an empire with the prevalent theory of Yin and Yang and the concept of Five Processes(阴阳五行)at that time.  Daoist and legalist influences are also to be seen in his thought. Any change or process in the world reflected a change in Heaven’s stance towards the ruler (tian ren gan ying 天人感應 “mutual correspondence between Heaven and man”).

Dong Zhongshu – Wikipedia


  • 汉语词典: 天人合一
释义 1. 中国 哲学中关于天人关系的一种观点。与“天人之分”说相对立。认为“天”有意志,人事是天意的体现;天意能支配人事,人事能感动天意,由此两者合为一体。 战国 时 子思 、 孟子 首先明确提出这种理论, 汉 儒 董仲舒 继承此说,发展为“天人感应”论。参阅
例句 、 汉 董仲舒 。
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