“Pure Criticism” (Qing-Yi–清议) and the Great Proscription (Dang Gu Zhi Huo–党锢之祸)

See China X on the Fourth Option: Eastern Han

  • “Pure Criticism”–Qing-Yi (清议)
  • the Great Proscription–Dang Gu Zhi Huo (党锢之祸)

History of Chinese Philosophy – Page 304 – Google Books

the Great Proscription (Dang Gu) of 169-184 C.E.

The great civil disturbances of the Later Han

Chinese Sources:

(介绍1:30- 1:33 qingliu 清流 “Pure Stream”--清议 “Pure Criticism”,4:27-6:28 介绍熹平石经和太学;有48 块 石经立于太学东门前;察举制;党锢之祸)




Eunach vs. Consort's Family



党锢之祸- WikiVisually

(Starting from the section: 4:22 a picture demonstrates the vicious cycle of the contention between the consort’s family and the eunuchs.)


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