Xuan Xue 玄学 (Also called Neo Daoism or learning of Mystery)

“Learning of Mystery” (in Chinese,玄学 “xuán xué”)is Sometimes also called “Neo-Daoism”; it is a Daoistic movement which had developed during the Wei Jin period. It focused on the reinterpretations of the philosophical works of Zhuangzi  (庄子), Laozi (老子), and the Book of Change (易经), promoting the ideas of naturalness and spontaneity.

Naturalness:A Daoistic concept of central importance in the Learning of Mystery, justifying non-conformity to social norms on the basis that everything should follow of its own accord. (from ChinaX)

New Daoism and Xuan Xue

Neo-Daoism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)




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