Daoism 道学 and Daoist Religion 道教

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Daoist Religion

  • Celestial Daoism
  • The Maoshan Revelations and Supreme Purity Daoism
  • Elixir Daoism
  • Alchemy

道教 from 全国宗教资讯网

道教與道家的同異- 蓬瀛仙館道教文化中心資料庫


Schools of thought During the Eastern Zhou Dynasty

Confucian Texts:


Legalists (Shang Yang 商鞅,韩非子 Hanfei(zi ) & 李斯 Lisi)and their Legalist Texts


Jixia xuepai 稷下學派 “Scholars of the Jixia Academy”

Su Qin 苏秦